How To Use Google Authenticator On Your PC


To make the online and offline accounts more secure most of the web apps and websites are offering an extra layer of protection which is called as two-step authentication. Most of the two-step authentication procedures support time-based code generation apps like Google Authenticator which can be used with your smartphones or tablets.

Here in this simple how to we will see how to use Google authenticator on your PC, so that you don't always have to depend on your mobile phone or tablet.

Use Google Authenticator On Your PC

While Google officially produces apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry & Windows Phone, Other developers have also created the implementation of Google Authenticator that can be used on your PC. To make Google Authenticator work on your windows PC all you have to do is to download and install a small app called Gauth4Win.

After installing, Launch the application from start menu> It may produce some .NET error, just ignore it and hit continue, It should just work fine.

After launching, It will appear on your system try. Right-click and hit 'modify key' to enter the key. After that, you can right-click and select copy to copy the produced time-based authentication key to your clipboard.


Mind Limitations

By far, Using Google Authenticator on your PC is less secure as anyone who has the access to your PC can simply copy the code to use it without out permission and there is also the threat of keyloggers which may steal your precious key codes and passwords.

The above app only supports one account at any give point of time. Also bare in mind that these apps are not officially supported by Google. However, the algorithm used by Google is an open standard which is in-turn used by these kind of apps.

From now on you can use this two-step authentication to secure your online or offline accounts like Dropbox, Lastpass etc.


  1. hi sory
    i think that way u explain anything here is not easy to understand allways and all this security can make me creasy ,becaurse u dont do it easy for the user to understand and it are not easy to come tru anything .Is this the best u can do,? i think u should think on people caurse it sems u not think on them there going to use this shit, not caurse they like to use it but caurse we have to like it ,we are hostages and this way make life bad and take all of our life caurse of some wise men think they change the world to some good, I have to disapoint you ,its just shit to log in 100 times and allways be stop of some fail or crap .its very enoring allways caurse some make it hard some u never think i would be and just give us much problem ,is that your vision to make it hard to people caurse u are big and think u help .The biggest problem here is all this scampage there try to get peoples money and personal identity. I have been here for years i like google and allways use it ,but the very last time this shit with all this criminels dont do it better and give to much problem .But there must be a better way to protect your acount so it be easy to log in ,here i not just think on google but so many other company’s but mabe they just try to cheat ,i just read about this u talk so warm about ,i dont think u have read about what people say ,its should be a scam company i understand if i have to belive what people say on the net ,their experience is bad and some never get their money back caurse they cheat ,say people .How can u talk so good about them ???if they are just some scammer or cheaters i just ask ?i think i never get any answer but now u know .Sincerely p

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    Its not easy to find out this setup:google authenticator for pc,but have it on phone and it work ,u cant just download it and so it work u say ,there have been much more to do some u not say anything about ,i cant find the answer ,u want me to download this little file: winauth. but i cant get it to work or open it ,i dont know why ,but be good to get some help with that,becaurse when i need the code its not allways i can get it on phone .Sincerely p

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