Friday, December 4, 2020
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How to Show Current Path in Mac OS X Finder

Seeing current path in Finder window is pretty helpful to know where you are. Here is how you can show the current path in Mac OS X finder.

How to Add Recent Items Stack to Mac OS X Dock

Adding recent items stack to your Mac dock can help you access your most recent applications, documents, files, etc.., more easy. Here is how you can add recent items stack to Mac OS X dock.

How to Check Hard Disk Health in Windows

Hard disks can die any time without any notification whatsoever. Here is how you can check hard disk health in Windows so that you can backup your data while you can.

How to View and Copy File or Folder Path on Mac

Viewing and copying folder or file path on Mac is pretty easy. Here are different ways you can view and copy folder or file path on Mac.

How to Block or Disable Volume Buttons on Android

Accidentally pressing volume buttons on android can be frustrating. Here is how to block or disable volume buttons on android.

How to Make Password Asterisks Visible in Linux Terminal Window

Password asterisks make it easy to know that you are actually typing in the password. Here is how you can make password asterisks visible in Linux terminal.

How to Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Windows Photos Viewer app is disabled by default in Windows 10. If you don't like the Photos app in Windows 10, then here is how you can enable the Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10.

How to Turn off Gatekeeper on Mac

If you want to install application downloaded from the internet, you need to turn off Gatekeeper feature. Here is how you can turn off Gatekeeper feature on Mac.