Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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This is where you will find all things Windows, from the detailed guides to simple tips which are quite helpful in your day to day computer operations.

How to Clear Thumbnail Cache in Windows 10/8/7 and XP

Problems with thumbnails or thumbnail cache in Windows? Here are two different methods to clear thumbnail cache in Windows 10.

The Best Notepad Tricks Every User Should Know

You might be using Notepad regularly to manage your text files. You can do much more than that. Here are some of the best Notepad tricks to try.

How to Disable Start Menu Advertisements in Windows 10

If you think the app advertisements in the start menu are intrusive, here is how you disable start menu advertisements in the Windows 10.

How to Block USB Drives in Windows 10 [Quick Tip]

Don't want users to plug USB drives into your system? Here is how to block USB drives in Windows with just a few clicks. No registry or group policy edits.

How to Easily Change Drive Letter in Windows 10 [No CommandLine]

Want to change drive letter in Windows without using the command prompt? Here is the best and easiest way to change the drive letter in Windows.

How to Find DirectX Version in Windows

Find DirectX version in Windows 10 and Windows 7. You can easily find DirectX version in Windows with just a few clicks using the built-in tools.

List of All Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts [Download as PDF]

Windows 10 has many keyboard shortcuts that are specific to it. Here is a list of all the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that you should know and use.

5 Best Start Menu Alternatives for Windows 10

Windows 10 start menu is good. But if you are looking for more functional and classic start menu then here are some of the best start menu alternatives for Windows 10.