Wednesday, June 24, 2020
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How to Make Password Asterisks Visible in Linux Terminal Window

Password asterisks make it easy to know that you are actually typing in the password. Here is how you can make password asterisks visible in Linux terminal.

How to Add Windows Like Taskbar in Ubuntu

Windows taskbar is quite useful to quickly launch applications you just minimized or to switch between multiple application. Though Ubuntu has no Windows-like taskbar, you can add it pretty easily. Here's how to add Windows like taskbar in Ubuntu.

How To Install Unity Tweak Tool In Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

Ubuntu 14.04 is quite gorgeous with Unity 7 which is not only fast but has got so many new features and improvements. But like...

How To Install VLC On Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

VLC is the best open source media player with all the tools, You can virtually play any format from MP4 to MP3. There is...

5 Best & Useful Indicator Applets For Ubuntu

Indicator applets for ubuntu are pretty useful and they come in handy when needed and there is no doubt that you'll love the flexibility...

Stugon Explains: Linux Directory Structure

Six years back when I first used Linux I'm like 'I don't like Linux', well this is because I just can't stand all those...

Download Ubuntu 13.10 Community Wallpapers

Ubuntu recently released their upcoming ubuntu 13.10 saucy salamander community wallpapers and as alway they are beautiful and elegant. These wallpapers include 3 hi-res...

How To Install Ubuntu In VMware Player

Would you like to try and use Ubuntu without actual physical installation? VMware makes it easy, You can install Ubuntu or any other operating...