Saturday, December 19, 2020
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How to Add Favicons to Safari Tabs on macOS

Why won't Safari show favicons in tabs on macOS? It's not stone age right? Well, here's a simple way to add favicons to Safari tabs on macOS.

How to Pin Any Website to the Taskbar in Windows 10

Do you know that you can pin your favorite websites like Gmail and YouTube to the taskbar? Here's how to pin any website to the taskbar in Windows 10 (7 too).

How to Run Android Apps on Ubuntu [Natively]

Using Anbox you can install and run android apps on Ubuntu natively. With this method, Android apps will run smooth and fast.

How to Disable Desktop Notifications for Specific Apps in Windows 10

Tired of all the intruding desktop notifications in Windows 10? Here's how to disable desktop notifications for specific apps in Windows 10.

[Solved] Fix External USB Drive Not Showing up in File Explorer...

Your external USB drive not showing up in File Explorer when you plug it in? Here's how to fix external USB drive not showing up in File Explorer in Windows with just a few clicks.

How to Modify Time Machine Backup Frequency for Mac

Time Machine runs once every hour and hogs up CPU cycles and Disk I/O. Here how to change Time Machine backup frequency to better suit your needs.

How to Enable Zoom in and out in Photos App in...

Like to use the good old mouse wheel to zoom in and out in Photos app? Here's how to enable mouse wheel to zoom in and out in Windows 10 Photos app.

Know What Kind of Processor Your Android Device Has

Do you know what type of processor is on your Android device? It is very important to know it to properly install apps and custom ROMs. Here's how to know your processor type.