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How to Force Download Files from Google Drive

Google Drive renders most file types right inside the browser rather than letting the user download them. Here is how you can force download files from Google Drive.

Google Spreadsheets: How to Add Multiple Lines in a Single Cell

Google Spreadsheets: Add multiple lines in a single cell - Google Spreadsheets is not only the best and free alternative to Microsoft Office, it...

How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can easily rotate text with just a few clicks while controlling the rotating angle. Here's how to rotate text in Google Sheets.

9 Google Spreadsheets Tips to Make Things Easier

Google Spreadsheets is a perfect alternative for MS Offices. To get most out of Google Sheets, here are some Google Spreadsheets tips that everyone should know.

7 Google Keep Tips for Power Users to Get Most Out...

Using Google Keep to take quick notes and reminders? Here are a few power user Google Keep tips that every user should know to get most out of Google Keep.

How to Stop Google From Redirecting to Country Specific Domain [Quick...

Google often times redirects you to country specific domain or web page. Here is how you can stop Google from redirecting to the country specific domain and always use

How to Use Google Search Like a Pro [Quick Tips] –...

Almost all of us Google daily to find something we want. So, here are some power user tips to use Google search like a pro.
install chrome os in windows

How To Install and Try Chrome OS On Your PC

Google Chrome OS is an open source ultra-simple OS which does nothing but provides users with instant no-nonsense access to the internet to do...