Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Google Chrome

How to Download Google Chrome 64-bit Version in Windows

64-bit Google Chrome certainly has its advantages over the regular 32-bit version. If you are on a 64-bit platform then here is how you can download 64-bit Google Chrome in Windows.

How to Automatically Redirect Bing Searches to Google in Chrome While...

Cortana by default uses Bing to search your quires. Here is how you can easily redirect Bing searches to Google in Chrome browser while using Cortana.

How to Enable Click to Play for Plugins in Chrome, Firefox...

Click-to-play feature in browsers can increase security and conserve bandwidth. Learn how to enable click-to-play in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

How To Quickly Enable and Disable Chrome Extensions from Omnibar

Its pretty natural that your mouse goes all frenzy to install all the cool chrome extensions in your sight, but as the time goes...

A complete List Of All Chrome URLs and Their Purposes

Chrome has a lot of URLs for very specific settings and configurations. Here is a list of all the Chrome URLs and their purposes.
chrome-profile-manager (1)

How To Enable Hidden Profile Manager In Google Chrome

Google Chrome has lots of hidden features and Profile Manager is one of them, This feature is quite useful at times. Actually this feature...

Top 3 Reasons Why I Hate Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers of the world, Major competent to Firefox and occupies nearly 39% of worldwide usage...

9 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Chrome User

Chrome has tons and tons of extensions. Here are a few such chrome extensions that every user should consider using for better experience.