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Chrome Easter Egg – Play T-Rex Game When Chrome Browser Is...

Besides being a search engine giant, Google is known for its hidden easter eggs and awesome April fool jokes. Recently, Google embedded a hidden...

SOLVED: ‘Establishing Secure Connection’ Problem in Chrome

Are you receiving "Establishing Secure Connection" error in your Chrome browser? Here is how you can solve or fix Establishing Secure Connection error in simple steps.

11 Best Dark Themes for Google Chrome to Join Dark Side

Dark themes are easy on our eyes and less stressful. Here are some of the best and top dark themes for Google Chrome that every user should try at least once.

How to Save WEBP Images As PNG or JPG in Google...

Trouble saving WEBP images as PNG or JPG in Google Chrome? Here's a simple way to quickly save WEBP images as PNG or JPG in Google Chrome.

How to Change Visited Link Color in Google Chrome

Changing visited link color is pretty helpful to know which links you've already visited. Here's how to change visited link color in Google Chrome.

How to Clear DNS Cache in Google Chrome

The local DNS cache in Google Chrome can sometimes cause problems with your browsing. Here is how to clear DNS cache in Google Chrome.

How to Enable Night Mode in Chrome and Firefox

Bright rays from your computer screen at night times can hurt your eyes and sleep schedule. Here is how you can enable night mode in Chrome and Firefox to protect your eyes at night times.

How to Disable Automatic Image Loading in Chrome and Firefox

Blocking image auto loading in Firefox and Chrome can help with bandwidth and slow internet issues. Here is how you can disable automatic image loading in Chrome and Firefox.