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How to Format SD Card in Android

You don't need a computer to format your SD card. Here's how to format SD card in Android using the manual method and an app.

How to Download Android Apps to PC without Installing Any Software...

Want to quickly download android apps to PC? Here is how you can do it with just a click or two without installing any software.

How to Install and Configure Firewall on Any Android Device [No...

Want to restrict which apps can connect to the internet on your Android device? Here is how you can install and configure a firewall on any Android device. No root required.

How to Block or Disable Volume Buttons on Android

Accidentally pressing volume buttons on android can be frustrating. Here is how to block or disable volume buttons on android.

Top 9 Best Ways To Increase Battery life Of Android Device

Android devices are kinda like mini-computers which sometimes are more powerful than our regular notebooks or laptops. Android devices are top-notch and they pack...

Best Google Play Store Alternatives To Download Android Apps

Google Play - Official android app store by Google is pretty neat and has over 1 million apps with over 50 billion downloads. But,...