Top 3 Reasons Why I Hate Google Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers of the world, Major competent to Firefox and occupies nearly 39% of worldwide usage share of web browser(according to Wikipedia). But everything is bad at something, So here are the top 3 reasons why I hate google chrome.

Scary Permissions For Extensions

Why do some chrome extensions need a wide range of permissions for simple tasks like taking a screenshot or to manage tabs??? It sure looks scary when we first see the pop-up. Actually, chrome divided their alert range from...

  • High - All data in your computer can be accessed including your files, webcam, etc.
  • Medium - Access data on all the websites, includes access to your cookies.
  • Low - Browser history, physical location, data you copy & paste, etc.

More about these permissions: Permissions requested by apps & extensions || Permission Warnings


Chrome uses all or nothing policy, i.e., developers sometimes have no choice but to abide these rules and at the same time, it helps extension makers to code easily. Unfortunately, there is no way you could tell why a specific extension needs specific permissions and sometimes it's very obvious that some extensions need some privileged permissions.

But the sad truth is that chrome doesn't granulate those permissions or a normal user can't easily find any useful like to know more about the scope of these permissions. So, it's always a good idea to be cautious about what extensions you install.

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Memory Usage

There is no denying that chrome is fast but the catch is, It sucks out your memory. Sure, chrome has improved over the versions but it has a long way to improving the memory usage. The most common reason is crash proofing so that you don't have to wind up because of one single issue or one plugin goes belly-up.


There are lots ways to reduce the memory usage of chrome like using fewer extensions, not opening too many tabs, etc. But for nongeeks or people with less memory, this sure is a problem and sometimes you can't avoid crashing.

Typography Rendering

I'll be simple here, What's wrong with chrome??? Chrome's font rendering sucks (windows only). I mean look at the screenshot below, Sure, there are ways to correct this issue(like declaring SVG resource) but the catch is that the end user can't do anything to smoothen the font.

Click on the image to enlarge


Nevertheless, there are other small things I hate about chrome, like auto update without any notifications, no local files, google's monopoly, preinstalled Java (read: Do you need Java), flash crashing, etc. But, I still use and love chrome.


  1. I hate the ugly grey alert message box on top now. The thing about google is they change things and they could care less if the users like it or want it. I hate them for that.

  2. People say that we should look toward the future if Google Chrome is in it count me out. Google Chrome has a horrible design, a crap ton of pop-ups, and a ton of virus. I am I die hard Internet Explorer user. No extensions no pop ups and I don’t have to check to make sure I got malware in the morning, because my brother used the computer. I don’t know why people look for new shit when the best thing is sitting right in front of them.

    • Internet Explorer does allow for a lot of the games I like to play. What other options do I have for a web browser please?

  3. Google Chrome is a textbook example of how a company with brilliant people, unlimited funds and a market monopoly can product such a crappy product. Chrome needs to go into the management books as a hall of famer in how to tale advantage of a dominant market position to push out the most unfriendly, bloated and ugly piece of spyware in history. Microsoft has nothing on these guys, congratulation Google, new century’s new evil empire!

  4. I can’t find anything and the address bar font is too huge and I can’t always see my menu. I have to use chrome at work, but will never use it at home

  5. I like Mozilla Firefox the best and have been using it even after Google Chrome went past it in the market share. Firefox’s appearance is more customizable (definitely more than Google Chrome to the extent I know), its private browsing mode doesn’t have that gray-black look, and best of all, I am more confident that deleting cookies and stored data in Firefox really does deletes everything that can potentially be used by websites I visit. With Google Chrome, it is unclear whether incognito mode is incognito even to Google. But the recent 0-day vulnerability in Firefox has dented my faith in Firefox to some extent.

  6. google is data mining. They want EVERYTHING to go through them that way everything can be tracked and sold to whoever is willing to pay. Its just a huge data mining company. period.

  7. Does Chrome has a left-side-column of favorites, like IE?
    If not, Chrome would be useless to me.

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